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E&EoD stands for Ears and Eyes on Demand and was a predecessor initiative of Ritz Engineering GmbH with partners.

myE&E stands for “my Ears and Eyes” and is the current initiative of Ritz Engineering GmbH with partners.

The initiative comprises 2 directions and is divided into the part of end-user applications represented by myE&E and the part of services and concepts represented by E&E.


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Frank H. Ritz
Frank H. Ritz
Telegram Channel
I am the founder of myE&E.
Thank you for visiting our site.

The well-being and orientation ability of the visually impaired is so important.

“My Ears and Eyes aims to provide the visually impaired a higher degree of agility, a more natural independence from other people and a higher self-esteem, to go their own new ways. This is always a help for self-help.

We see ourselves as a company that wants to realize these goals through our products. We are aware that organizations, foundations and organizations can not immediately foresee the benefits, opportunities and risks of this new development.

Visually impaired people need our help in different situations of daily life.
my Ears and eEyes gives you situative the needed help immediately and everywhere. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.