Visual Impairment

Society • Responsibility • Quantity

Every society has a different approach to handling disability. Often it is based on costs and benefits, where some costs are covered by the society.
Our goal is to use technology to provide wearable tools, for everyday use, at moderate costs for these nearly 300 million people.

Holistical Meaning

Causes • Colors • Imagination

It makes a difference whether visual impairment originated from birth or later on due to illness, as this strongly influences the perception of dimensions, objects, colors and thus the mental representation.
This needs to be considered in the implementation of our tools where we being responsible of.

Different Perception

Sounds • Braille • Fast reading

The ear of a the visually impaired is extremely challenged to hear and interpret sounds created by their movement and the surrounding environment. Other information is captured via fast acoustic reading or via the sense of touch, via braille or via haptic signals. Therefore our tools provide haptic feedback instead of sound.

Orientation and Mobility

White Cane • Guide Dog • Announces

The cane makes it possible to recognize the surface and objects in its reach and to sense them finely. A guide dog provides additional information through his trained behavior. Announcements on traffic connections provide further important information.

Sensors, Actuators

Do the right things • Do it right

As portable devices, all components must be small, lightweight, compatible and low in energy consumption. Sonar, time of flight laser, accelerometer, thermometer and vibrator as well as microcontroller, charger and USB connection are choosen for to fulfil this needs.

Haptic Feedback

Requirements  •  Behavior  •  Intrinsic capabilities

To understand a use case does not only mean formulating the requirement, it also means to know the essential causes and causal relationships. We therefore have our products shaped, verified, developed and tested by those affected (the visually impaired).


Investors • Partners • D-A-CH • EU • Worldwide

We are looking for organizations of the visually impaired. investors and partners in the D-A-CH region and later the entire EU to co-design the product.
We, as well as our investors and partners, are innovators who want to provide unique and affordable products for the visually impaired worldwide with myE&E.


Sensible • Modular • Autonomous • Reliable Tech.

SMART itself has established as a future-oriented design method. Essential characteristics are the means and procedures that lead to the internal as well as external quality of the product as well as sustainable benefits. SMART is oriented towards providing the best technologically feasible benefits.


Deep • Intelligent • Complete • Elegant • Emotive

myE&E products like sense are DICEE, i.e: Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegant, Emotive.
With highly adaptive device and service features, they create a corresponding customer experience.
Once experienced, you will not want to be without them anymore.

We work with organizations, associations and agencies that are already successful in helping the visually impaired and provide them and our customers with the highest quality product possible.

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