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It is no secret that visually impaired people already use white canes and guide dogs to help them move around. But what if they had a technology to help them both to move around successfully and to help them avoid colliding into some types of obstacles, without the inconvenience of a guide dog?

Carrying a white cane is a lesser problem. This is where myE&E sense comes in.

The current version of sense is a standalone device in addition to the white cane, which interprets the presence and some type of obstacles into tactile feedback to the wearer.

sense has been developed with the participation of visually impaired people and was specifically designed for their needs.

Use and wear it …

sense is super easy to wear (34 * 34 * 17 mm, 30 g):

  • in the headband on the forehead
  • in the armband on the upper arm
  • on a decorative neck chain on the chest
  • on clothes, for example a shirt
  • like a watch on the hand leading the white cane
  • mounted on the white cane.

sense has an integrated vibrator, but also allows you to wear an external haptic vibrator on a flexible, supple 1.5 m cable (by Micro USB) anywhere on the body:

  • as a silicone pad on the back or neck
  • as a base for your watch
  • as an earring
  • like a piece of jewelry or device (DIY kit).

sense is a simple solution for visually impaired people to better their mobility.


Product highlights


We help the visually impaired with the help of miniaturized, portable sensors, haptic devices, so-called wearables, to recognize objects and obstacles on the way and to do this anytime, anywhere and throughout the whole day:

  • in the public
  • in professional life
  • at home, and
  • in privacy.

The adjustment of the haptic language to the respective needs is an essential feature of the usability of these devices. The sense of hearing remains completely free and unloaded, which visually impaired reported as being very important.

The haptic actuator is installed in the device, but a separate actuator can also be connected via micro-USB and an extreme flexible, supple cable. A silicone vibration pad on the neck, an earring and a kit that can be installed in customer items are currently available.

Product prices


sense is a unique product for use in conjunction with the white cane that is very affordable and manufactured in the best possible quality.

The device is very affordable especially while the Kickstarter campaign. Don’t miss it !

sense 1 Standard (estimated) 140
Silicon pad vibrator, flex. supple cable, micro-USB 40
sense 2 (est. 1. Q. 2021 or later) n.a.
sense 2 downloadable software update for sense 1 0
soon: Buy sense 1 @ Kickstarter


myE&E sense product features

myE&E 'sense' is a small wearable product that supports visually impaired people in conjunction with the white cane or as a stand alone device. We inform you about the use cases that will be developed in its 1st production version.